Real Estate Advisors, Mentors and Special Events

A day with Eric Trump - Eric Trump of NYC's Trump Organization was gracious to spend a half day with us explaining the funding methods that the Trump Organization uses with their Funding and Equity partners.
With Apple cofounder, Steve Wozniak. As a director of Top One Coaching we have access to some outstanding advisors and mentors. In our session with Steve Wozniak we learned about the importance of operating a business in the modern digital age.
Lunch with Montel Williams - As a member on the winning AMATEUR APPRENTICE NYC Contest sponsored by Top One Coaching and JT Foxx we enjoyed lunching and meeting with Montel Williams.
Author Steadman Graham, also known as Oprah Winfrey's significant other, spoke to our Master Mind Group about his new book, and encouraged us to publish our own books as a promotion for our businesses.
BEFORE - Old Place Road
AFTER - Old Place Road